Miel-Margarita Paredes
Artist Statement

I use the animal form to interpret the ways humans manipulate the world around us to suit our needs; deconstructing and reconstructing both inanimate and animate objects. We do this believing it is our god-given right, whether our actions serve the greater good of humanity or serve as mere entertainment. This top-of-the-food-chain mentality fascinates me; as an active member of society I participate in it, yet I am often repelled and bewildered by it. I use humor in my work to engage the viewer and point out the sheer absurdity of our interactions with the world around us and the creatures in it.
I am currently working on a series of “animal accessories”. I have chosen animals that have been bred for a specific purpose, and the accessories can either facilitate or negate the purpose for which the animal is bred. Each accessory may address a perceived problem, but not necessarily the deeper issue; it is a human’s interpretation of what an animal might need or want.