Miel-Margarita Paredes
Artist Statement

In the past, helmets have been designed to provide the wearer with both physical and psychological protection. Animal imagery has been used on the armor and ritual attire of many cultures to transfer the auspicious characteristics of the animal to the wearer. The horse motif, favored worldwide, emphasizes the horse's speed and agility as invaluable skills on the battlefield. A lion's sharp teeth and claws were proudly displayed, both to show hunting prowess and to strike terror into the heart of the enemy, imbuing the warrior with a lion's ferocity.

Helmets were also adorned with sacred symbols and mythological beasts that would invoke the supernatural powers and protection of a favorite deity. Officers' helmets were designed to distinguish rank, inspiring courage in surrounding troops and intimidating opposing forces. The uniformity of soldiers' identical helmets offered dispassionate anonymity both for the wearer and the attacker.

Most would say that modern times call for little need of such elaborate armor. I say that it depends on the circumstances of the battle.